Elizabeth Ranger


Skills & Qualifications

  • 4 years pastry experience. 7 years in professional kitchens.
  • Adept at preparing a wide range of desserts; specialties include preserves, pies, and candies.
  • Efficient, organized, creative and passionate.
  • BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia (Montreal). Fine Arts diploma from Arts Canterbury (Ottawa).
  • Fluent English, written French.


Work Experience

Le Local, June 2014 – December 2017; Pâtissière

  • Single-handedly maintained the pastry station; managed ordering and inventory, organization, delegation, menu-planning, and special events. Worked closely with the rest of the kitchen as part of a seamless unit.
  • Made desserts of high quality to match an upscale menu using local ingredients, classic techniques and attractive flavours. Baked daily and innovated always.
  • Worked often with chocolate tempering, gelling agents, fresh fruits and more.

La Société Bistro, August 2013 – May 2014; Pâtissière

  • Was promoted from garde manger to a team of 2 pastry chefs; received on-the-job training and quickly took on responsibilities. Made hundreds of macarons weekly, as well as terrines, truffles and breakfast pastries.
  • Worked long hours to maintain a fresh supply of desserts to the La Société dining room as well as the Lowes hotel. Catered large events and functions.

Crudessence, February 2012 – October 2012; Prêt à Manger Supervisor

  • Led a team of 4 in the production and packaging of 100 – 200 raw, vegan & organic meals each morning.

Renard Artisan Bistro, August 2011 – December 2011; Commis

  • Executed dishes for a daily rotating terroir menu, working as a team of 2 in a tiny open-concept kitchen.

EM Cafe, August 2010 – September 2011; Chef

  • Managed cooking staff, cleaning duties, suppliers. Created a new menu every week using creative flavours and fresh ingredients.
  • Baked nearly all in-house pastries, including daily breads, muffins, pies, squares, meringues, scones, tarts, and cakes. Fulfilled special pastry orders for celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.


Stages & Workshops

  • Pastry Stage with Pâtissière Masami Waki (Le Club Chasse Et Pêche) – January 2012
  • Pastry Sales Stage (Don’s Tay Ho Bistro; Hanoi, Vietnam) – December 2012
  • Jams & Preservation with Camilla Wynne (of Laloux Bistro and WD50) – August 2011
  • Rhubarb & Pastry with Stephanie Labelle (of Pâtisserie Rhubarbe) – May 2011
  • Molding & Sugar Paste with Larissa Volnitskaia (of Key Art Designs Cake Studio) – January 2011
  • Candied Fruit with Michelle Marek (of Laloux Bistro and SAT Foodlab) – December 2010



Eric Hordowick (Le Local),  Pascale Billy-Robert (Grazella), Jennifer Boyd (Hambar)

Numbers available upon request.